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About us


Dent Digest  was founded in 2005 with the goal of making car repair better, faster, easier and more affordable for consumers. Dent Digest was founded to equip young people from all nations with new critical and scarce skills to live better life in their country/ continent. We also manufacture PDR science tools, PDR Science Training and providing Paintless dent removal service. With the economic downturn, job losses, poverty inequalities and unemployment etc, there are millions of people who need to learn new skills in order to be unemployable by big cooperates and some will be able to run their own franchises in order to create jobs for others, that is why we came up with this new concept or strategy which I believe, it is going to make a difference in some of the people’s lives.


We also want to see more qualified trainers, artisans, technicians/technologists, tool designers, researchers, assessors, moderators in all related sectors particularly on scarce and critical skills in our country and the continent, and I believe that by working together we will drive the economic regeneration of all provinces and making sure that we create more jobs and entrepreneurs of tomorrow in all related sectors. We can also employ graduates to help with administration, marketing and also hire marketing consultants to market the service throughout the country and the continent in the public and private sector.. Our business focus is on development of current and future systems and processes that are reliable, effective, and resalable.


What is PDR?



Paintless Dent Removal is a method of removing small dents and dings from painted sheet metal panels of a vehicle, using a set of specialized tools and techniques to massage the metal from the inside out without affecting the paint. Average repairs will take anywhere from 10 - 40 minutes. This technique is mostly used on the latest models of vehicles because they are made of soft metals. It is thus an advanced and sophisticated manner in Auto Body Repairs and there is no spray painting involved. One can say it's magic, but not. It happens to one out of every three vehicles you see on the road, that means you see millions on a daily basis.


Founder and CEO @Dent Digest SA and Dent Angels International

Master PDR Technician @Dent Doctor

Owner @ Dent Digest SA and Dent Angels International

Lawrence Yawa


About the Founder

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Paintless Dent Removal course with one of our best Assessor Qualification, Assessment in PDR Industry @ Assessment College of South Africa


Lawrence Yawa began his career in Paintless Dent Removal at the PDR Technical Training College of South Africa. Following the completion of the course he was employed by Dent Magic (Cape Town) as a Dent Technician. Lawrence has also worked for Dent Doctor, Dent Pro as a Master Dent Technician, and gained international experience in Scotland.


In 2005 Lawrence registered his own company, Dent Digest S.A. where he founded the “Dent Digest Training Academy”. Lawrence has since been invited to assist in skills development in Gauteng (Midrand) by participating in the development of unit standards in Paintless Dent Removal.


In 2006 Lawrence developed a training manual on paintless dent removal. In 2008 he was appointed as one of the subject matter experts in auto body repair with speciality in paintless dent removal. Lawrence has been also part of the SGB working group in auto body repairs and vehicle maintenance developments across the country.


In 2013 Lawrence was recognized by “Stanford Who’s Who” as an honoured member who demonstrated outstanding leadership, achievement in his occupation, industry and profession. In October 2014 Lawrence was appointed as a Chief Invigilator at the World Skills SA competition and as an Industry Expert in Paintless Dent Removal by the Hope Factory SA. Lawrence is also a qualified assessor in his field of work.