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Dent Digest SA( Our Company) is an accredited QCTO Skills Development Provider for Occupational Certificate. Paintless Dent Removal NQF L4,SAQA Qual ID 101873.

The Dent Digest Learning Program for beginners  takes place over 8 weeks in which aspirant technicians are guided in the trade of"Paintless Dent Removal" through the use of audio aids, visual aids, text books, learner activity guides , lecturers and practical training. All aspirant technicians are assessed prior receiving thier certificates and are then graded before being offered the opportunity to work as a Certified Dent Technician for Paintless Dent Removal and Hail chasing in the Automotive industry and related sectors.

Our Differentiator 

Our developments are not only aimed at ensuring that there is a transfer of skills to future generations, but also to empower them with knowledge about global markets.

For those who graduate, but still lack experience we can arrange for them to gain experience by getting them involved in the process.

Our plan is also to maintain growth in the global economy and a number of massive developing economies making a strong surge and find those who can guide and mentor young entrants into the job market.

We will also consider lack of absorption into the mainstream of those working in the informal so called “second economy”. This process also promotes entrepreneurship and encourages the formation and development of sustainable and registered small and medium enterprises. The purpose is to develop new small businesses in the manufacturing, and engineering sectors (especially in the motor industry).

For us to enhance and accelerate the development and investment of article skills “Dent Digest SA” will be sponsoring, some of its members and learners in acquiring suitable skills and become experts in their fields. It is a critical mechanism to achieve our objectives particularly in making sure that more of our people, especially the poor.

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Our Mission  

To promote and encourage sustained entrepreneurship in the country and the Continent through Training and Skills Development and the establishment of

New Businesses in the automotive industry.


Our Mission  

 The World leader in Paintless Dent Removal

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Training and Skills Development

Creating investment opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in the automotive industry.